Monday, May 20, 2019

Migranet World’s first AI blockchain migration platform

Migranet affords a one-stop technique to migrants and approved migration practitioners by using automating the processing of migration packages. It additionally assists refugees with their skills evaluation, in order that they can be incorporated into their host U.S.A Submit choice.

Migrants will use the Migranet platform to upload their expert credentials and heritage announcement for the duration of the software degree, previous to professional assessment. Their credentials and background statements will then be stored on the blockchain. The built-in clever contracts can even offer protection to migrants from fraud, malpractice, and misrepresentation.

The Migranet platform will car-replace regulations, guidelines, and case legal guidelines with a view to assisting them migrants and the approved migration practitioners inside the software manner. Artificial Intelligence will provide people with alternatives and freedom to choose their host country primarily based on the final results in their professional credentials and their historical past declaration.

The Migranet Platform addresses the fee troubles that migrants and migration practitioners encounter globally. These troubles encompass migrants who don't have to get the right of entry to credit playing cards, excessive conversion rate, delays in the switch of finances and excessive banking costs. Migranet introduces MIG, a unified cryptographic application token so one can be used for the charge of services on the Migranet platform.

The Migranet govt group and advisory board have over 300 years of combined leadership experience founding and developing era startups and main software program improvement teams. Our senior control group includes business, global immigration, staffing, relocation, and criminal professionals."

The Problem
What’s a nice match for one’s schooling, abilities, possibilities, and needs? How about their own family?
Migrants regularly fall prey to scammers or unprofessional attorneys and migration retailers.
Honest migration professionals expenses thousands and backlogged structures regularly result in repeated fees.
Unavailable credit playing cards, excessive FX costs, delays in funds switch, and excessive banking costs.

The Solution
Migranet platform provides transparency, accuracy, and accountability at a fraction of traditional cost.
Algorithms verify credentials and ranks and recommend host countries for immigration.
Built-in smart contracts will provide protection to migrants from fraud, malpractice, and misrepresentation.
To ensure the safety of the refugees and to keep their original identity private, the assigned biometric ID will not include their legal name, date of birth and the country of origin – only the encrypted hash.
A cryptographic utility token, which will be used for the payment of services on the Migranet platform.

How it works
For migrants, students, and NGOs servicing refugees.
Applicants input their information – professional history, country of origin, spoken languages, education, etc.
AI algorithms present the most viable options available for potential migration based on the intention of the migrant – be it education, work, travel, or permanent residency. Migrants can also manually select their destination country if they qualify.
Once the migrant selects their country of choice, they apply for their desired status. The fee is withdrawn from the MIG wallet ($500 for permanent residency, $150 for all other forms of migration). Migranet processes the application and works with the appropriate parties in the destination country to complete the application process.
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