Monday, May 6, 2019

CBNT A content-valuable ecosystem platform that creates a win-win situation for content creators, viewers, and advertisers.

CBNT is a decentralized expert content sharing network based totally on blockchain technology and an surroundings model of DPGC (Decentralization Professional Generated Content). In the beginning, we are able to consciousness on blockchain and expert monetary investment content material. CBNT will create a win-win environment for all contributors, including content/articles providers, content readers (viewer), ad publishers, and token holders. In the CBNT community, whether you're content material turbines or content material viewers, both sides can acquire tokens “Mining Rewards”. As CBNT grows and site visitors boosts, all the profit of numerous ads can also be disbursed to all of the members.
Innovation within the CBNT network: collaborating is mining;a hundred% profit changing; community autonomy model; practicing decentralized self-operation control “organization know-how”. All individuals on this environment can get a hundred% corresponding rights and advantages, accordingly to acquire a win-win system of "content material, visitors, and advertising."
Content Creation
Content creators could be rewarded tokens if readers like their valuable content. The higher the content ranks, the extra tokens the creators will get.
Content Communication
Viewers can vote on and proportion exceptional articles, and the blessings of these articles may be distributed based totally at the consumer's contribution weights.
Paid Q&A
High-cost records equals opportunity within the commercial enterprise world. Sharing precious statistics to questioners can carry you greater advantages.
Ads Monetization
Change the conventional advertising model. The advertiser can pay tokens to put up advertisements, and the advertising charges might be allotted primarily based on fan's contributions.
CBNT will be Listed on Bibox
After strict assessment and particular conversation, CBNT might be indexed on the Bibox Exchange. CBNT, a content material sharing platform, will combine with the Bibox Exchange to sell the healthy and sustainable improvement of the blockchain enterprise and recognize upgrades of the content environment together.
CBNT is a decentralized content sharing platform constructed on the blockchain. In the CBNT atmosphere, users can benefit rewards via content material generation (posting content), and also by their attention to the network (liking, commenting, and sharing content material); except, CBNT will offer monetized advertising. The blessings from advertisements will be 100% allotted to all individuals and all and sundry will enjoy the development of CBNT and increases in website site visitors.
Chinese customers at the CBNT App have reached 100,000, and the amount expands by using hundreds daily with extra than 500 global groups.
The CBNT English internet site (web.Cbnt.Io) has been released earlier this yr, and the global content surroundings is at the manner. It can be expected that the early individuals of the CBNT App or Website will benefit big benefits with the list on Bibox and enjoy CBNT’s many advantages
Mine CBNT:
Join and start mining CBNT now on https://net.Cbnt.Io/, and gain rewards through posting content, liking, and commenting. Share almost 6 million CBNT tokens each day with all our members.

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