Monday, May 20, 2019

Migranet World’s first AI blockchain migration platform

Migranet affords a one-stop technique to migrants and approved migration practitioners by using automating the processing of migration packages. It additionally assists refugees with their skills evaluation, in order that they can be incorporated into their host U.S.A Submit choice.

Migrants will use the Migranet platform to upload their expert credentials and heritage announcement for the duration of the software degree, previous to professional assessment. Their credentials and background statements will then be stored on the blockchain. The built-in clever contracts can even offer protection to migrants from fraud, malpractice, and misrepresentation.

The Migranet platform will car-replace regulations, guidelines, and case legal guidelines with a view to assisting them migrants and the approved migration practitioners inside the software manner. Artificial Intelligence will provide people with alternatives and freedom to choose their host country primarily based on the final results in their professional credentials and their historical past declaration.

The Migranet Platform addresses the fee troubles that migrants and migration practitioners encounter globally. These troubles encompass migrants who don't have to get the right of entry to credit playing cards, excessive conversion rate, delays in the switch of finances and excessive banking costs. Migranet introduces MIG, a unified cryptographic application token so one can be used for the charge of services on the Migranet platform.

The Migranet govt group and advisory board have over 300 years of combined leadership experience founding and developing era startups and main software program improvement teams. Our senior control group includes business, global immigration, staffing, relocation, and criminal professionals."

The Problem
What’s a nice match for one’s schooling, abilities, possibilities, and needs? How about their own family?
Migrants regularly fall prey to scammers or unprofessional attorneys and migration retailers.
Honest migration professionals expenses thousands and backlogged structures regularly result in repeated fees.
Unavailable credit playing cards, excessive FX costs, delays in funds switch, and excessive banking costs.

The Solution
Migranet platform provides transparency, accuracy, and accountability at a fraction of traditional cost.
Algorithms verify credentials and ranks and recommend host countries for immigration.
Built-in smart contracts will provide protection to migrants from fraud, malpractice, and misrepresentation.
To ensure the safety of the refugees and to keep their original identity private, the assigned biometric ID will not include their legal name, date of birth and the country of origin – only the encrypted hash.
A cryptographic utility token, which will be used for the payment of services on the Migranet platform.

How it works
For migrants, students, and NGOs servicing refugees.
Applicants input their information – professional history, country of origin, spoken languages, education, etc.
AI algorithms present the most viable options available for potential migration based on the intention of the migrant – be it education, work, travel, or permanent residency. Migrants can also manually select their destination country if they qualify.
Once the migrant selects their country of choice, they apply for their desired status. The fee is withdrawn from the MIG wallet ($500 for permanent residency, $150 for all other forms of migration). Migranet processes the application and works with the appropriate parties in the destination country to complete the application process.
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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Harmony One

Harmony’s enterprise case is that it wants to enable groups to construct marketplaces of fungible tokens for enterprise use instances together with electricity credit and non-fungible assets (game collectibles, real property).

Harmony applies 0-understanding proofs for data sharing (ad exchanges, credit score rankings) while preserving the consumer’s privacy.
Harmony is exploring a way to create fundamental profits from purchaser statistics powered by means of deepsharding.

I’m no engineer however Harmony is an infrastructural blockchain platform specializing in at ease staking and re-sharding with decentralized randomness, in addition to most reliable move-shard routing and speedy block propagation. Translation, they want to resolve the scalability bottleneck for public blockchains.

On Thursday, May 16th, 2019, Binance introduced that the 5th crypto asset to move on sale this 12 months on its initial alternate offering (IEO) platform, Binance Launchpad, will be the Harmony (ONE) token.

It seems the Launchpad sale tokens include 12.5% of the total delivered.
Harmony hopes that its rapid and at ease blockchain architecture will ultimately be capable of assist billions of users in collaborating on decentralized marketplaces.
The new Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) that is Harmony Protocol has a few upsides for crypto buyers (do your own studies).
The sale may be performed in May 2019 for a complete enhance of ~$5MM USD really worth of BNB at ~$ 0.003175 in keeping with a token for 12.5% of overall token deliver. BNB/ONE trade charge could be decided previously to the day of sale.

Due to accusations of manipulation and volatility in the charge of Binance Coin (BNB) tokens, the corporation decided to apply a new lottery scheme for customers to put money into exclusive IEOs on its Binance Launchpad platform. Well, honest enough.

Harmony is an open infrastructure that objectives to scale blockchain to 10M transactions/second and 100-millisecond latency for 10B humans in destiny. Harmony builds an excessive-performance consensus platform with a view to allowing decentralized economies for everybody.

It’s Silicon Valley’s present day try and improve upon public blockchains which might be in a particular sort of limbo.

The Harmony token sale can even observe a lottery layout, with the recording of consumer BNB balances beginning at 2019/05/19 23:59:59 (UTC).
Harmony launched its check internet (2.0) ultimate month, and it's miles planning to launch its most important internet in late Q2 or early Q3 2019.

So Harmony (ONE) can be issued on Binance Chain as a BEP2 asset.
Also, key information is that Public Sale Token Price: 1 ONE = 0.003175 USD.
The Total Token Supply amounts to 12,600,000,000 ONE.
22.4% of the 12.6 billion token supply was bought in Harmony’s seed round. Current traders consist of Blockchain Assets, Consensus Capital, Qtum, and Skunk Capital. It’s a very interesting Qtum invested in them.

The actual Launchpad consultation starts offevolved on May 27 at 06:00 (UTC) and ends on May 29 at 08:00 (UTC) up to now as I can tell. The Lottery format is uber complicated to me however received be to a pro-crypto investor.

Cautiously, I count on Harmony’s ONE to have a pinnacle 50 ranking on coinmarketcap.Com by way of the stop of 2020. That’s my unofficial reliable prediction for this token.

What is your mind on the Harmony ONE token sale?

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Friday, May 17, 2019

CyberMiles іѕ building uр іtѕ open-source blockchain

Whаt іѕ CyberMiles? 

CyberMiles іѕ a decentralized blockchain platform whісh centers оn engaging e-commerce business аnd online commercial centers. Tо accomplish іtѕ objective, CyberMiles іѕ incorporating a fеw innovative blockchain technologies tо create commerce-oriented “Smart Business Contracts.”CyberMiles іѕ working wіth thе US-based e-commerce business application organization “5miles” tо make a cutting edge blockchain streamlined fоr e-commerce business аnd intended fоr standard adoption. It fills іn like a vast library оf streamlined Smart Business Contracts, whісh саn bе utilized bу thе developers tо build decentralized applications. 

CyberMiles local digital currency CMT token іѕ integrated wіth аnd utilized оn thе CyberMiles platform,dApps thаt аrе based оn thе CyberMiles blockchain tоо. Presently, CMT іѕ аn ERC20 token whісh іѕ based оn Ethereum blockchain. CyberMiles іѕ building uр іtѕ open-source blockchain soon. Thе Ethereum based CTM token wіll hаvе tо bе replaced bу thе CMT token mаdе оn thе native blockchain. 

Whаt аrе thе advantages оf CyberMiles? 
CyberMiles Technology 
Mоѕt blockchain technology hаѕ twо outstanding issues оf lоw developer productivity аnd lоw efficiency. CyberMiles plans tо address thеѕе issues bу making аnоthеr blockchain protocol called аѕ “Smart Business Contract.” Thе protocol intends tо work оn thе delegated Proof-of-Work agreement аnd incorporates a virtual machine іn addition tо thе capacity tо access thе Middleware Stack outside оf blockchain. Thіѕ empowers еасh node іn thе ѕуѕtеm tо help standardized middleware whіlе running blockchain ledger. 

Smart Business Contracts 
CyberMiles Smart Business Contracts wіll kеер running оn thе local blockchain, like hоw smart contracts run оn Ethereum blockchain. Mоrеоvеr, nоt аll like Ethereum smart contracts thаt require еасh application tо bе developed frоm thе beginning, Smart Business Contracts саn gеt tо reusable layouts accessible іn thе middleware stack thаt іѕ аlrеаdу incorporated іntо thе CyberMiles blockchain. 

Middleware Stack 
Thе Middleware software stack іѕ a set оf business programming structures thаt run еасh tіmе whеn a Smart Business Contract іѕ executed. Thеѕе production systems аrе incorporated іntо еасh node іn thе CyberMiles blockchain network, whісh permits Smart Business Contracts tо access thеѕе structures outside оf blockchain. 

Hоw саn CyberMiles bе different frоm оthеr digital forms оf money? 

Unlike Bitcoin, Whісh tries tо replace thе existing distributed exchange platforms, CyberMiles іѕ a blockchain platform intended tо help thе e-commerce business industry. 
CyberMiles hаѕ selected tо uѕе thе (DPoS) Delegated Proof-of-Stake agreement оvеr thе Proof-of-Work (PoW), whісh іѕ utilized bу Ethereum аnd Bitcoin. 
Althоugh CyberMiles іѕ inspired bу Ethereum, It hаѕ improved numerous issues thаt lie іn Ethereum blockchain. CyberMiles hаѕ built uр аn improved blockchain protocol wіth іtѕ vеrу оwn Smart Business Contracts. 
Thе Smart Business Contracts аrе a group оf contracts, enhanced fоr e-commerce utilization. Thеѕе agreements likewise encourage аn easy app development bу permitting application developers tо gеt tо reusable templates embedded іntо thе CyberMiles blockchain. 

Whаt wіll bе thе future оf CyberMiles? 
Starting July 2018, CyberMiles hаѕ a market capitalization оf оvеr USD 114.3 million, whісh positions іt оn 89th position оn thе worldwide digital currency market. Aѕ оf nоw, 692,803,551 CMT tokens аrе available fоr uѕе frоm thе total supply оf 1 billion CMT tokens. Sіnсе іtѕ launch оn November 21, 2017, CyberMiles price hаѕ bееn developing wіth clear market fluctuations. Thе market instability hаd mаdе іtѕ value reach аѕ high аѕ USD 0.56 іn January 2018. Starting іn July 2018, thе value bу аll accounts lingering аrоund thе USD 0.16 mark. 

Token Sale аnd Trading History 
Thе CyberMiles ICO occurred іn November 2017. Thеу raised $30 million tо commence thе project. In case іf уоu hаd invested іn thаt ICO, уоu wоuld hаvе officially mаdе a 5x return оn уоur investment аftеr ѕіx months. Thе token sale produced 70% оf thе total supply оf CMT. It іѕ аt present аn ERC-20 token оn thе Ethereum network. Thе token wіll mоvе tо thе exclusive ѕуѕtеm оnсе thаt іѕ finished bеfоrе thе end оf thе year.CMT hаѕ seen large swings іn іtѕ trading history. It іѕ presently moving bасk uр close tо іtѕ January highs. 

Method tо Buy CyberMiles (CMT) 
CyberMiles іѕ аѕ оf nоw accessible оn thе following exchanges: 

Hоw tо Store CyberMiles (CMT) 
CyberMiles іѕ аѕ оf nоw аnd ERC-20 token, ѕо уоu wіll hаvе thе capacity tо store іt utilizing аnу Ethereum Wallet. Wе suggest еіthеr MyEtherWallet оr a Ledger NanoS. Whеn thе CyberMiles mainnet launches, уоu wіll hаvе tо exchange thе ERC-20 token fоr thе new proprietary token. Thаt wіll accompany іtѕ wallet client. 

Final Words 
If уоu hаvе confidence іn decentralized commercial centers fоr e-commerce, thеn CyberMiles іѕ entirely аn exciting project wіth a vеrу qualified team. Thеу аrе confronting considerable difficulties іn making a high throughput network. Thеу additionally need tо fіnd оut hоw tо determine аnd resolve issues using decentralized administration. Thеrе аrе nо simple answers hеrе, аnd CyberMiles іѕ a lоng wау frоm releasing version оnе оf thеіr platform. Uр tо thаt point, proceed wіth caution аnd continue wіth positive thinking. 


Sunday, May 12, 2019

Smathium A blockchain-based loyalty platform

Smathium (SMT) builds a blockchain-based totally platform provider which can be applied to various loyalty programs and club praise services.  A decentralized Application (dApp) where all businesses can create their personal loyalty reward programs powered via a unmarried token. A unmarried united loyalty factor gadget in small on/off-line retails around the world concerning regular life. Cafe, eating places, grocery shop, and even shopping center. Smathium aims to bridge numerous manufacturers through building a multi-enterprise loyalty reward platform that is open to all varieties of organizations. As a unified medium of alternate among users and types, Smathium token may be used for transactions across all organizations registered on our platform and can be traded in exchanges. Moreover, Smathium is creating a further characteristic in which manufacturers can connect their current loyalty applications to a blockchain network.
Smathium has a particular purpose to concentrate on the troubles of present loyalty programs and solve it.
By using blockchain era, high-value royalties and club applications can be without difficulty and without problems used by every person, growing a extensive environment that integrates into one coin.
Based on the enjoy of worldwide e-business for a long time, Smathium has already been constructing projects thru strong partnerships with blockchain-primarily based initiatives (news app, Service app for user, and so on.)
Studies display that even as customers love loyalty programs, they may be not playing them to the most. A survey via CodeBroker suggests that as a minimum 54% of purchasers are pissed off with their loyalty praise programs. The motives for the frustrations include loss of differentiation and the reality that most people simplest provide restrained blessings. Also, imposing a robust loyalty praise software has a tendency to be ridiculously luxurious locking out most people of businesses.
While incumbents consisting of departmental shops and airways can afford to provide high-cost club applications to their clients, small and medium enterprises cannot. Smathium objectives to bridge this hole by constructing a multi-commercial enterprise loyalty reward platform that is open to all types of groups. At the heart of this platform is the aim of creating long time cost for clients in preference to serving as a brief-term merchandising.
Think of our solution as a Decentralized Application (dApp) wherein all groups can create their loyalty praise packages powered by a single token. This token may be used for transactions throughout all businesses registered on our platform and may be traded in exchanges. Smathium intention is to create a dApp wherein brands can connect their present loyalty applications to a blockchain network. All transactions within our environment are facilitated thru the SMA token that's our legitimate cryptocurrency.

Enjoying Membership Benefits Like That of a Department Store
Anyone which include app groups and small traders can provide their personal specific club programs to clients. Also, they can provide differentiated membership programs to their loyal customers.
* Example of Smathium benefits at a shopping mall
Shopping department shops can provide membership blessings appropriate for consumer experience instead of supplying simple coupons
Single Unified Coin
Customers can receive their rewards in a unmarried shape of cryptocurrency in place of one-of-a-kind factors for every emblem. Smathium ensures the rightful property to its customers.
Tradable Benefits
Brands participating inside the Smathium Platform should purchase and sell their advantages. Additionally, the club application becomes a new sales channel for big scale income for the brands.


Monday, May 6, 2019

CBNT A content-valuable ecosystem platform that creates a win-win situation for content creators, viewers, and advertisers.

CBNT is a decentralized expert content sharing network based totally on blockchain technology and an surroundings model of DPGC (Decentralization Professional Generated Content). In the beginning, we are able to consciousness on blockchain and expert monetary investment content material. CBNT will create a win-win environment for all contributors, including content/articles providers, content readers (viewer), ad publishers, and token holders. In the CBNT community, whether you're content material turbines or content material viewers, both sides can acquire tokens “Mining Rewards”. As CBNT grows and site visitors boosts, all the profit of numerous ads can also be disbursed to all of the members.
Innovation within the CBNT network: collaborating is mining;a hundred% profit changing; community autonomy model; practicing decentralized self-operation control “organization know-how”. All individuals on this environment can get a hundred% corresponding rights and advantages, accordingly to acquire a win-win system of "content material, visitors, and advertising."
Content Creation
Content creators could be rewarded tokens if readers like their valuable content. The higher the content ranks, the extra tokens the creators will get.
Content Communication
Viewers can vote on and proportion exceptional articles, and the blessings of these articles may be distributed based totally at the consumer's contribution weights.
Paid Q&A
High-cost records equals opportunity within the commercial enterprise world. Sharing precious statistics to questioners can carry you greater advantages.
Ads Monetization
Change the conventional advertising model. The advertiser can pay tokens to put up advertisements, and the advertising charges might be allotted primarily based on fan's contributions.
CBNT will be Listed on Bibox
After strict assessment and particular conversation, CBNT might be indexed on the Bibox Exchange. CBNT, a content material sharing platform, will combine with the Bibox Exchange to sell the healthy and sustainable improvement of the blockchain enterprise and recognize upgrades of the content environment together.
CBNT is a decentralized content sharing platform constructed on the blockchain. In the CBNT atmosphere, users can benefit rewards via content material generation (posting content), and also by their attention to the network (liking, commenting, and sharing content material); except, CBNT will offer monetized advertising. The blessings from advertisements will be 100% allotted to all individuals and all and sundry will enjoy the development of CBNT and increases in website site visitors.
Chinese customers at the CBNT App have reached 100,000, and the amount expands by using hundreds daily with extra than 500 global groups.
The CBNT English internet site (web.Cbnt.Io) has been released earlier this yr, and the global content surroundings is at the manner. It can be expected that the early individuals of the CBNT App or Website will benefit big benefits with the list on Bibox and enjoy CBNT’s many advantages
Mine CBNT:
Join and start mining CBNT now on https://net.Cbnt.Io/, and gain rewards through posting content, liking, and commenting. Share almost 6 million CBNT tokens each day with all our members.

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XCRYPT The Next Generation Ecosystem Based On Blockchain Technology

About xCrypt
New discoveries have continually scared mankind: the worry of flying, the concern of looking on the destiny, the concern of generation. Recent statistics display that the use of Blockchain generation concerns very few humans amongst the arena’s populace, there is a standard feeling of distrust in the direction of it. Contrary to this tendency, xCrypt created its project based on its distinctive feature.
Xenomania, from the greek an severe passion for overseas entities, the new ones, that are but to attain most of the people. XCrypt is the primary modern crypto atmosphere with its heart in ist change: hybrid, compliant with the securities and aware of the erc721’s destiny, designed to be easy, comfortable and revolutionary. We believe that, within the near destiny, many adjustments in the cryptocurrencies area will arise, as well as in the trading subject and in how this international is conceived. This is the cause why, after cautiously growing its idea, seeing that its host usa lets in it, xCrypt determined that its priorities are those of list protection tokens, having the ideal and strategic market for the erc721 and sporting out progressive dynamics within the relationships with the ICO. These decisions were taken so that xCrypt can reward its network with a zero charge alternate, pertaining to it to the other contributors thru the social media platform and monthly compensating its holders via airdrop thru a ranking gadget. XCT token is the one that permits making the most of the xCrypt ecosystem’s offerings and it rewards its alternate users and holders following an progressive approach thru critical airdrops.
Blockchain generation has changed the sector of funding for all time, and for the higher: ICOs have proven to be comfortable and successful manner of financing companies and projects. By purchasing a club to the xCrypt platform, members will advantage from exclusive services; the membership is split into more than one stages, depending on the quantity of XCT (XCT’s ERC-20 get entry to token) purchased.
XCrypt is but any other project which is trying to set up a Crypto change. It proposes to develop an trade wherein traders can alternate Utility Tokens, Security Tokens and Non-Fungible Tokens.
Team - Based on the overview of the group credentials within the whitepaper and social
media it seems that they do no longer have any giant enjoy in jogging a crypto change business. Some of the team participants appear to be operating at the challenge most effective on component time basis as can be evidenced from multiple positions held on LinkedIn profile. Other exciting component is that the number of advisors indexed exceed the entire quantity of crew participants. Not certain how a good deal cost is brought through having so many advisors and what fee add each individual advisor is supplying to the challenge.
Vision – The use of blockchain generation to seems to be at the middle of the enterprise. But don’t see them adding loads of fee to already crowded crypto change space.
Product - It appears that the challenge is currently at MVP Stage. However, there's no access provided to a demo of the platform.
Overall the idea of the venture is not anything new to the crypto industry. Crypto trade space is already very crowded with range of exchanges some distance exceeding the variety of tasks. Existing exchanges themselves are finding it very difficult to stay afloat, so beginning a new alternate from scratch and constructing a widespread person base is a herculean project. I might now not put money into an exchange which is still at conceptual stage and doesn’t have any consumer base or regulatory license. Crypto change commercial enterprise is a natural monopoly which benefits from the economies of scale and community results. In the long time handiest a handful of players could be able to survive. I would wait this one out and supply this IEO a skip.

What makes our buying and selling platform stand out?
  • Fully compliant trading Store FIAT and cryptocurrencies - Custom built Memberships
  • ZERO expenses Securities token
  • Dependable digital wallets one hundred Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • Exchange FIAT and Cryptocurrencies
  • Make bills with FIAT and cryptocurrencies
  • Providing tutorials and webinars from expert investors
  • User pleasant internet site interface and mobile app

We created a method for giving benefits to our XCT HOLDERS, improving to the complete surroundings in fashionable, bringing revenues to our alternate and including price to our network and to our token holders. The ICO with erc20 commonly has three issues:
  1.  the fundraising in the course of the ico section. Investors are frequently difficult to be found, in addition to getting access to real investors pools.
  2. The visibility within the alternate before the listing’s begin. It takes place too frequently that tokens unfastened fee when they’re indexed, because of the lack in communicating their intrinsic brought price to the traders.
  3. Too regularly the token holders don’t have actual blessings in proudly owning them.
The answer: We have experimented an equation which created a factor primarily based rank, connected to an airdrop technique to incentivize the token holders to hold on the exchange and to preserve them for an extended period of time. This valorizes a RC gadget which brings cost to our companions ICO.

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